Art and Writing by Women in Prison – Mothers Day Issues

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About the Zine

Tenacious is a zine filled with articles, essays, poetry and art by formerly and currently incarcerated women across the United States. Their works cover subjects like the health care (or lack of health care) system, being HIV-positive inside prison, trying to get an education while in prison, sexual harassment by prison staff and general prison conditions, and giving up children for adoption 1

The idea for Tenacious originated with several women incarcerated in Oregon in 2003. However, people inside prisons do not have access to printers, copy machines, massive amounts of postage and all the stuff that zinemakers on the outside may take for granted. So they approached Vikki Law and asked if she would be the outside publisher. How could she say no?

About the Editor

Victoria Law is a writer/photographer/mother. She publishes Tenacious and is the author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women. She is collaborating with China Martens on Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, a handbook for allies of radical parents.

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