Tricycle Zine Distro is interested in stocking parenting zines; personal zines and zines about social justice/social movements with a parenting twist; zines on intergenerational movement/s/movement building; kid zines; and zines on youth liberation.

If you have a zine that you’d like to distro and you think it fits with Tricycle’s catalogue and vision, then email tricyclezinedistro at

Tricycle tries to stock all zines submitted, however, may not always be able to due to capacity/resource constraints and/or if your zine does not fit with the catalogue/vision.

A bit more about how things work…

Tricycle Zine Distro is not-for-profit  and sells zines at cost/wholesale (or whatever you want for it) + 20%. The 20% made on zines helps with the costs of running the distro with ALL monies going back into the distro. (Distro expenses are things like copying flyers/catalogues to promote the distro, petrol/travel/table costs for zine fairs, the outlay for zine copying and any zines stocked that can only be purchased, etc.)

Tricycle commits to providing an annual newsletter detailing activities for the year and letting you know how many of your zines got out there.

Tricycle will also make any zines that are available free elsewhere known in the catalogue.

Stocking with Tricycle

Zines from Australia

If Tricycle stocks your zine you can supply it in one of three ways: PDF, Mastercopy or on consignment.


Simply email or use online file sharing to get your zine to Tricycle and it will be stored as a pdf to make copies as needed. Any special instructions such as a colour cover, etc. will be followed so long as you provide these details.


Send the best print out/copy you can of your zine by snail mail and this will be used as a mastercopy for Tricycle to keep on file and make copies as needed.


If your zine is handmade in nature or if you prefer Tricycle only carries a limited number of copies at a time, you can send your zine (min. of 5 copies) with the price you would like for it (Tricycle will add 20%) and once all copies are sold you will receive payment for the zines via direct deposit. Unfortunately Tricycle at this point does not return zines that do not sell.

International Zines (outside Australia)

Arrangements will be made on a case by case basis. PDF or Mastercopy are the preferred method of providing your zine, however, Tricycle may purchase your zines outright where need be.

To arrange sending a sample copy of your zine for consideration, please email tricyclezinedistro at Look forward to hearing from ya!


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