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About the Zine

The CUNTastic print zine began in June 2009 and publishes a new, themed issue every 3-6 months.  It’s an exploration of all things cunt, and is meant to be a compilation of experiences, thoughts & research from Laurel Ripple Carpenter & others.  It’s part personal, part educational, and all political.  Each issue of CUNTastic is bursting at the seams, overflowing with (at the very least): birth stories, DIY recipes for coochie-related items, snippets of life with new baby Ramona, and articles from contributors on the issue topic.  Lots of the illustrations included are from Laurel’s collection of vintage anatomy books.

About the Author

Laurel Ripple Carpenter is a radical doula, reproductive rights activist, abortion advocate, maker of feminist art, anarchist, partner, and mama to the fiestiest red-headed toddler ever. She is currently finishing her BA in the Anthropology of Reproduction at Burlington College.  She is founder of the Full Spectrum Doula Network, publishes the CUNTastic Zine, and lives at the Black Diaper Collective in Grand Junction, Colorado. She is a Certified Childbirth Doula through DONA International and a certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through PBi.

For more about Laurel and CUNTastic check out the CUNTastic blog!

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