These are some Zines/Journals that can be downloaded online. Some are also available to order in print from Tricycle Zine Distro and elsewhere.

Outlaw Midwives

featuring visual art, poems, essays, and practical tips from women globally about abortion, pregnancy, birth, and babyhood, colonialism, structural violence, anti-oppression work, and revolutionary love.

Read issue 1 and issue 2 online. Also check out the Outlaw Midwives blog.

SQUAT Birth Journal

We strive to provide a forum where radical, often unheard voices can share their message. It is our goal to promote safe and healthy birth options for all. We celebrate the transformative power of birth in all its varied forms. We acknowledge the need for the midwifery movement to expand its consciousness, scope of practice, and accessibility. We seek to provide a safe space of expression and community for those who wish to shift current birth culture as an essential part of the midwifery and birth movement.

Editors: Meghan Guthrie, Jeramie Peacock, Jaydee Sperry, Lynx Artemis.

Download or buy SQUAT here.

The Life of a Mormon Anarchist Housewife

A zine about life, anarchism and mormonism, personal and political.

Check out the blog for the pdf or hard copy and other musings related to the zine.

C.R.A.P. Zines

Raise Some Hell: a feminist childrearing zine for everyone

To download the pdf please visit the zine library.

The zine has been scanned so that you can print it and put it together. There are good instructions on how to print the zine here.

Spratz: a feminist kidszine

To download the printable or readable pdf please visit the zine library.

Also recommended by C.R.A.P

Anarchist Parenting FAQ & Birth as Power

Available as a downloads on the C.R.A.P. blog.