Building Blocs Zine

Building Blocs: parenting, movement and little folk is a compilation zine of radical parenting* challenges, experiences and reflections. It’s a desire to be less isolated and to build collective knowledge.

The theme for the next issue is “Politics Reborn”, but don’t let that limit what you want to share.

How has your politics and political work changed since raising or being close to little folk?
What does multigenerational political work look like in your part of the world?
What are the politics of parenting?
How do kids and young people do politics?
Do you have experience in youth liberation organising you can share?

or contribute to one of the regular segments:

Make a mix tape or review a book/zine/film!
Put together this issue’s feature project!
Submit art for the cover!

Deadline for submissions is 30th November 2012. Please send contributions (of any length) to with a bio and any pics/images.

* Radical Parenting is an imperfect term and is meant here as inclusive and diverse – an exploration of parenting styles that value respect, trust, autonomy, difference, non-oppression, learning, love and revolution.


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