Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind #4 is here!

Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind #4 the latest issue of Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind is ready for your reading! Featuring over 70 pages of stories, experiences and tips on how to support families in your movement or community, including:

* Experiencing Critical Resistance 10 through the Children’s Program* Organizing from within an Anarcha-Feminist Childrearing Collective * Mothers Among Us: The Prison Birth Project * A Mother’s Day of action with Young Women United and Mamas of Color Rising * On Fear & Commitments: A father’s reflects on his own childhood in England, Baghdad and the U.S. and the challenges of raising a biracial child in the anti-Muslim and xenophobic climate of the United States today. * Call to Destiny: how even an early morning wake-up call can support students with special needs * Radical childrearing with a queer and sex-positive angle * Tips on supporting pregnant friends * Tips on supporting parents who have lost a newborn infant * Radical Childcare Weather Report: a centerfold from the “Building an Intergenerational Movement for Collective Liberation” workshop at the 2010 US Social Forum and much, much more

A pdf of these exciting 70+ pages is available here: Please note that the centerfold is a separate file:

Sad to have missed the chance to contribute your experiences and words of wisdom? Fear not! The editors are turning this exciting zine series into a book! Final Call for submissions: March 15, 2011. See the DLYFB blogspot for more details.

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